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BMC Training
Training is important to the achievements of a business. maybe its most positive profit is best workers
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Health & Beauty, Beauty Products, Beauty Salons, Cosmetic Surgery, Dancing, Dentist, Detoxification, Essential Oils, Eyelashes, Facelift Non Surgical, Fashion, Green Living, Gyms, Hair Salons, Health Products, Health Recipes, Health Shops, Health Spas, Health Supplements, Lipo Body Sculpting, Massage Therapy, Nail Care, Natural Practitioners, Nutrition, Permenant Makeup, Pilates, Retail, Skin Care, Sport, Spray Tan, Tattoos & Body Piercing, Training Facilities, Weddings, Weight Management, Yoga in South Africa
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Who Goes Where? Australian Freight Transport Directories
WHO GOES WHERE? - THE FOCAL POINT FOR AUSTRALIAN FREIGHT TRANSPORT AND FURNITURE REMOVALS - Free Online Freight & Find A Freight Carrier or Furniture Removalist by Searching by Name, Location From, Location To, Specialised Services, & Support Services.
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Mi7 Club Ltd - SIA licensed Security Services in UK
SIA licensed Security Services in UK. SIA licensed door supervision, close protection, private investigation, key holding.
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Currie & Brown- A leading consultant in international asset management and construction matters
Currie & Brown is a leading consultant in international asset management and construction consultancy offering expertise in cost consultancy, project management, management consultancy and a comprehensive range of specialist consulting services,Global Hubs, nationwide, international, local, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, USA, Middle East, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Jersey, France, Greece, Mexico
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BMC Training
Training is important to the achievements of a business. maybe its most positive profit is best workers
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Southampton Boat Show
See the best boats and marine brands gathered together at Britain's biggest boating festival. At Mayflower Park, 15-24 September 2017
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MISP Training & Consultancy | Online and classroom Training
MISP is a Training & Consultancy center in UAE, MSIP brings Online Classes in Dubai with the best Instructors, Facilities and wealth of global experience.
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Currie & Brown- A leading consultant in international asset management and construction matters
Currie & Brown is a leading consultant in international asset management and construction consultancy offering expertise in cost consultancy, project management, management consultancy and a comprehensive range of specialist consulting services,Global Hubs, nationwide, international, local, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, USA, Middle East, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Jersey, France, Greece, Mexico
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Downtown Indianapolis Boutique Hotels - The Alexander Hotel - IN Vacations
The Alexander hotel, in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, features 157 stunning guest rooms, 52 extended stay suites, and more than 16,500 square feet of meeting and event space.
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Home | Training Strategies
Looking to learn? Training Strategies provide high quality apprenticeships, traineeships and pre-employment courses. We are an Ofsted Good rated training provider in the North West of England. We are dedicated to improving every individual that comes to us.
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Facilities Management Services | Health and Safety | Janitorial Services
Facilities Management Services | Health and Safety | Janitorial Services
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Red Pen | Innovating eLearning
Industry leading multi-device learning and knowledge management services.
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BMC Training
Training is important to the achievements of a business. maybe its most positive profit is best workers
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UK Security Services | GRS1 Security
UK Security Services - Security Services UK - Professional Manned Security Services covering the UK.
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World Stadium Congress 2017
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Home - SIA Security and Facilities Management (SFM)
SIA SFM Training Wales, Door Supervisor Training, CCTV Operator, Cardiff Swansea Bridgend, Bristol,child protection, ReAct, Upskilling Physical Intervention, safeguarding children, First Aid
  • Updated time: 18/2/13
The GOLDEN SWAN GROUP is the leisure & hospitality business since 1980. The vision being, to create the most innovative leisure options available for discerning clientele.The Group has a professional team with more then 300 team members. The Golden Swan Group has created some of the most unique leisure options. The Golden Swan Country Club, Thane (having more then 5000 members) Golden Swan Beach Resort ( a three star property on the beach in Murud Janjira ) Hotel Golden Swan, Hotel Airlines International (Boutique hotels at Santacruz East ) Golden Swan Short Breaks and Golden Swan Food Concepts (Feast in a Tray ).The Golden Swan Country Club is affiliated to more than 300 plus clubs worldwide.
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The Association of Energy Engineers: Welcome to AEE Programs!
AEE is your gateway for information on energy management, energy services, deregulation, power quality, plant engineering, environment, hvac, lighting, utility, electricity, oil, gas, geothermal, power, dsm, rebates, cogeneration and facility management.
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Palm Valley Golf Course Goodyear Arizona - Palm Valley Golf Club
Palm Valley Golf Club has two distinct 18-hole layouts, with complete practice and dining facilities that make it a true gem of the West Valley in Goodyear, AZ.
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BMC Training
Training is important to the achievements of a business. maybe its most positive profit is best workers
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A trusted environment for BIM Professionals | The BIM Hub
The BIM Hub is a trusted environment for BIM Professionals. Vision - To empower the world's BIM community. Mission - To build a trusted environment for BIM Professionals. Our Values - to empower the BIM community to CONNECT. LEARN. DEVELOP
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BIFM - The professional body for facilities management
BIFM is the professional body for facilities management, supporting members and the wider FM community with membership, qualifications, training, networking and resources to further develop thier abilities and expertise.
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Home - Transwestern.com
Full-service commercial real estate firm adding value for owners and occupiers through Agency Leasing, Tenant Advisory, Management, Capital Markets and Sustainability services.
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International Workplace | Expert provider of international training and consultancy
International Workplace are training providers offering accredited courses to organisations and individuals. A wide range of health and safety, human resources, environmental and facilities management learning designed for you.
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Facilities management news, comment and practical advice | FM World – the BIFM’s Facilities Management magazine
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International Workplace | Expert provider of international training and consultancy
International Workplace are training providers offering accredited courses to organisations and individuals. A wide range of health and safety, human resources, environmental and facilities management learning designed for you.
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UNIKOM | Indonesian Computer University
unikom,indonesian computer university,center of excellent education based on information technology
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Home - Transwestern.com
Full-service commercial real estate firm adding value for owners and occupiers through Agency Leasing, Tenant Advisory, Management, Capital Markets and Sustainability services.
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IT Consulting and Services Company
SoftNice is a leading Global Consulting and IT service firm, offering consulting, staffing and recruiting services for clients within IT, BFSI, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Telecom & Networking, Info Security, Pharma, Retail, Ecommerce, Manufacturing, Engineering, Air lines & Aerospace, Human Resource, Media & Communication, Oil & Gas. SoftNice specializes in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technical professionals to augment client in-house resources. With its HQ in Allentown, PA and 7 more global offices including offshore development facilities, SoftNice offers our clients the convenience and security of working with a reliable U.S. corporation plus all the benefits of a highly affordable offshore outsource development team.
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Careergong.com is a dynamic Nigerian website that satisfies the Human Resources and developmental needs of job seekers, employees, employers and training facilities simultaneously by; advertising employers’ job vacancies free to job seekers (on careergong.com), referring highly skilled job seekers to employers free (on careergong.com), identifying the skill deficiencies of unskilled job seekers (on careergong.com); so as to advertise training facilities’ courses(from coursescout.com) to them. We also advertise and sell online and offline training facility courses' (on coursescout.com)
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Right Guard Security - Security Services
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Management training companies | Human Resources | business training
Management training companies human Resources online and in-person Continuing Education - Directory on ALL topics of Training, speakers executive coaches
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Fire Safety Manager (FSM) | Fire Safety Management Solutions
Fire Safety Management Solutions
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شرکت پرداويژه | کانون مشاوره ، آموزش و فروش نرم افزار های مهندسی - صفحه اصلي
,دانلود,رایگان,نرم افزار,مهندسی,ورژن,نسخه,آموزش,آموزشی,سی دی,دی وی دی,مهندسی برق,دبیر فنی برق,مهندسی دریا,مهندسی صنایع,مهندسی عمران,دبیر فنی عمران,مهندسی راه آهن,مهندسی ماشینهای ریلی,مهندسی کامپیوتر,مهندسی رباتیک,مهندسی فناوری اطلاعات(IT),مهندسی معدن, مهندسی مکانیک,مهندسی بیوسیستم (مکانیک ماشینهای کشاورزی),دبیر فنی مکانیک,مهندسی مواد,مهندسی نساجی,مهندسی هوافضا,مهندسی نگهداری هواپیما, هوانوردی,مراقبت پروا,,مهندسی معماری, معماری, معماری سنتی, ریاضی, دبیری ریاضی, فیزیک, دبیری فیزیک, آمار, آمار, کامپوتر (سخت‌افزار), کامپوتر (نرم‌افزار),تکنولوژی ماشینهای کشاورزی,مهندسی کشاورزی,مهندسی عمران روستایی,مهندسی دریایی, الکترونیک صدا و سیما, دریا نوردی,معلم فنی مکانیک,تعمیر و نگهداری هواپیما,کاردان فنی کشتی,کاردان فنی حفاری,کاردان فنی مکانیک,تکنولوژی آبیاری,کاردان فنی نساجی,معلم فنی معماری,مهندسی پزشکی,مهندسی حمل و نقل ریلی,مهندسی خط و سازه‌های ریلی,مهندسی ماشینهای ریلی,کارشناسی حسابداری,مدیریت کمیسر دریایی,مدیریت و بازرگانی دریایی, تسلیحات, تکنیک خودروهای نظامی,علوم کامپیوتر,مهندسی شهرسازی,معلم فنی برق, فنی برق الکترونیک دریایی,کاردان فنی برق مخابرات دریایی,مهندسی فرماندهی و کنترل هواپیمایی,معلم فنی برق,تربیت دبیر فنی عمران,علمی-کاربردی مهندسی مخابرات,مهندسی هوانوردی, تکنولوژی هسته ای,علوم و فنون هوانوردی, خلبانی هلیکوپتری,مهندسی نگهداری,مهندسی سیستم,مهندسی الکترونیک و مخابرات دریایی,ناوبری و فرماندهی کشتی, اویونیک هواپیما,مهندسی پلیمر,مهندسی شیمی,طراحی و مهندسی پتروشیمی,مهندسی عملیات و صنایع پتروشیمی,طراحی و مهندسی پلیمر,مهندسی ایمنی و حفاظت,مهندسی ایمنی و بازرسی فنی,مهندسی نفت,مهندسی اکتشافات نفت,شیمی,فنی برق,فنی شیمی,معلم فنی صنایع شیمیایی,فنی صنایع غذایی,ایمنی صنعتی,معلم فنی صنایع چوب,الکترونیک هواپیمایی,مخابرات هواپیمایی,معلم فنی مواد, استخراج معادن غیر زغال سنگ, کاردان فنی عملیات پتروشیمی,معلم فنی عمران, شیمی مواد پرانرژی,مهندسی علوم آب,کانی آرایی,استاندارد,فروش,خرید,آنلاین,طراحي فرآيند,شبيه سازي فرآيند هاي شيميايي,نرم افزار SIZING المانهاي لوله كشي,موازنه جرم و انرژي در كليه واحدهاي PLANT,طراحي واحدهاي تقطير,شبيه سازي مخازن زير زميني نفت,مجموعه نرم افزار در زمينه آناليز و بررسي جريانات ديناميكي,طراحي واحدهاي Flare و شبكه هاي سيال,طراحي و شبيه سازي واحدهاي Flare ,مدلسازي، شبيه سازي و بهينه سازي فرآيندهاي تصفيه نفت و گاز ومحصولات وابسته,مدلسازي و بررسي چاههاي نفت,طراحي واحدهاي مجتمع مبدل,طراحي و بهينه سازي فرآيند,شبيه ساز جريان سيال چند فازي براي شبكه لوله كشي plant,مجموعه نرم افزار جامع مهندسي نفت ,شبيه سازي مخازن زير زميني و بررسي ارتعاشات مربوط به آن,نرم افزار جامع در زمينه اكتشاف و توليد نفت,طراحي و بهينه سازي فرآيند,شبيه سازي و تحليل اقتصادي Plant,طراحي و بهينه سازي فرآيند,شبيه سازي مخازن زير زميني نفت,طراحي و شبيه سازي واحدهاي سولفور و Sulphur Recovery,طراحي و شبيه سازي نيروگاههاي بخار و گاز,مدلسازي شبكه‏هاي لوله‏كشي و Plant Design,مدلسازي سه بعدي سيستم هاي لوله كشي,مدلسازي شبكه‏هاي لوله‏كشي,مدلسازي شبكه‏هاي لوله‏كشي و اجزاء وابسته (Plant Design),مدلسازي شبكه‏هاي لوله‏كشي و اجزاء وابسته (Plant Design),مبدل فايلهاي نرم افزار PDMS به نرم افزار CAESAR II,ابزاري كارآمد جهت توليد نقشه هاي General Arrangment به صورت اتوماتيك,ابزار منحصر به فرد مطابقت اطلاعات بين مدل سه بعدي و نقشه هاي P & ID,ابزار جانبي نرم افزار PDMS,مدلسازي و تحليل جريان غير قابل تراكم در داخل لوله و كانال,مدلسازي و تحليل جريان تراكم پذير در داخل لوله و كانال,تحليل جريان سيال در حالت گذرا (تحليلWater Hammerدر سيستم هاي لوله كشي),Sizing و بهينه سازي هوشمند جريان غير قابل تراكم در داخل لوله و كانال,تحليل به روش Finite Element سيستم هاي لوله كشي,طراحي و تحليل شبكه‏هاي لوله‏كشي,تحليل جريان سيال در حالت Transient با قابليت ارتباط با نرم افزار CAESAR II,طراحي و تحليل شبكه‏هاي لوله‏كشي,شبيه سازي و تحليل جريان سيال,كنترل تنش در سيستم هاي لوله كشي,تحليل و تعيين ابعاد اقلام PIPING,شبيه سازي و تحليل جريان سيال در حالت ديناميك و استاتيك,تحليل ضربه قوچ(Surge Analysis),مدلسازي و تحليل عمليات لوله گذاري در بستر دريا,تحليل جريان سيال در حالت سه فازي,طراحي و تحليل جريان سيال (Hydraulic Calculation),شبيه ساز كامپيوتري آزمايشات PVT,طراحي و تحليل جريان سيال (Hydraulic Calculation & Fire fighting),تحليل جريان سيال در حالت دو فازي,طراحي و تحليل خطوط لوله و تجهيزات جانبي (تحليل جريان سيال در حالت دو فازي),تحليل جريان سيال,تحليل خطوط لوله در بستر دريا,مدلسازي و تحليل جريان سيال,تحليل و تعيين ابعاد اقلام PIPING,انتخاب جنس لوله در محيط هاي با درصد خوردگي زياد,نرم افزار تحلیل دینامیک ماشین های دوار,محاسبات مربوط بهleakage فلنجها و پيچها به روش FEA,طراحي مبدلهاي حرارتي,طراحي مخازن تحت فشار,طراحي مخازن ذخيره,تحليل به روش Finite Element سيستم هاي لوله كشيطراحي مبدل و مخازن تحت فشار,طراحي، شبيه سازي و Rating انواع مبدلهاي air-cooled و economizerها,طراحي مبدلهاي حرارتي,طراحي مبدلهاي حرارتي و مخازن تحت فشار ,تحليل به روش Finite Element در نازلها وPadها,طراحي مخازن تحت فشار,طراحي و تحليل stack هاي Self Support و يا Wire Support,طراحي مخازن ذخيره,تحليل نازل و Pad,مدلسازي و طراحي سازه هاي فلزي جهت تهيه MTO و Shop Drawing ,طراحي و تحليل سازه هاي فلزي و غير فلزي,طراحي و تحليل سازه هاي خاكي و تونل,طراحي و تحليل انواع سازه هاي فلزي و بتوني,مدلسازي و تحليل سازه هاي فراساحلي نظير Tower, Jacket Deck, و ...,تحليل انواع سازه,مدلسازي و تحليل سيستم توزيع آب,مدلساز شبكه هاي آب زيرزميني,مدلساز يك، دو وسه بعدي هيدروديناميك آبهاي سطحي ,نرم افزار شبيه ساز هيدروليكي و كيفيت آب براي سيستم هاي توزيع آب ,نرم افزار مدلساز حوزه هاي آبريز,شبيه سازي فرآيندهاي معدني,شبيه ساز موازنه جرم در Plant هاي تهيه سنگ معدن,شبيه ساز Plantهاي معدني در حالت استاتيكي و ديناميكي,طراحي ابزار دقيق (تهيه نقشه هاي Hookup، wiring و loop diagram) ,طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي توزيع و انتقال,طراحی و تهیه مدارک برق و ابزار دفیق,طراحي تابلوهاي برق,طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي توزيع و انتقال ,طراحي ابزار دقيق (تهيه نقشه هاي Hookup، wiring و loop diagram),طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي توزيع و انتقال,طراحي مكانيكال اجزاء خطوط هوايي انتقال برق,طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي توزيع و انتقال,طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي زمين,طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي توزيع و انتقال ,طراحي و تحليل مجموعه توربينهاي بادي,تحليل اقتصادي و امكان سنجي پروژه ها,HAZOP Study,آناليز ريسك,نرم افزار تخصصي كنترل پروژه هاي بزرگ صنعتي,نرم افزار مديريت قرارداد,گسترده يابي اجسام سه بعدي و تهيه شابلون برخورد اجسام سه بعدي,مرورگر سه بعدي مدلهاي Plant جهت بررسي نقاط برخورد (Piping Clash Check),تبديل Piping Specs به فايل ورودي نرم افزار I-SKETCH,تبديل فايلهاي I-SKETCH به فايل ورودي نرم افزارهاي طراحي سه بعدي Plant,توليد نقشه ISO بدون استفاده از نرم افزارهاي Piping,تبديل فايلهاي PCF و IDF توليد شده به فايلهاي dwg و dgn,نرم افزار Design Review,ويرايش نقشه هاي اسكن شده وتبديل آنها به فرمتVector (فايل dwg ). اين نرم افزار شامل مدولهاي RxView, RxHighlight, RxSpotlight, RxAutoImage مي باشد.,تهيه نقشه هاي Spool براي Fabrication & Erection,نرم افزار Design Review,تحليل انرژي HVAC,محاسبه بارهاي گرمايشي و سرمايشي,محاسبه بارهاي گرمايشي و سرمايشي در ساختمانهاي Commercial,محاسبه بهترين سايز لوله در سيستمهاي لوله كشي فاضلاب در كليه ساختمانهاي Commercial و Residental,محاسبه بهترين اندازه Duct,محاسبه Earth Coupled Pipe Loop Sizing,تعيين محل فيوزها و قطع كننده هاي جريان,محاسبات هيدروليكي Fire Sprinkler,تعيين ابعاد Gas Vent,تحليل لوله هاي آب گرم و سرد,شامل ابزار و برنامه كاربردي در زمينه HVAC HVAC Tools & Utilities,طراحي و تحليل Psychrometric,تهيه پروپوزالهاي خريد ,محاسبه بارهاي تبريد,تعيين مينيمم سايز لوله مورد نياز براي انتقال مبرد بين كمپرسور، كندانسور، اواپراتور در محدوده افت,فشار تعيين شده,Residential HVAC “Manual J8” Loads Calculations,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2007,13,8i,,9.1,2.01,5.6,5.06,6.10,6.1R1,4.41,6310,7300,7320,7310,6258,7.05,8.06,9.04,7.5,1.32,1.41,9.1,2009.1,2010.1,2011.1,3.9.1,3.9.16,3.9.31,2.55,3.1,3.1.9352,1.6.7,1.9,1.7,V8i,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,11,12,13,15,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,V,ver,version,xm,sp,service pack,suite,R1,R2,R3,build,Patch,I,II,III,AFT Impulse,Ansoft Maxwell,Ashrae Handbook,Aspen B-JAC,Aspen,Suite,AutoPIPE,Autoplant,AVEVA VANTAGE Plant,Engineering,Workbench,CADWorx,Caesar II,Calculux,Carrier,HAP,Carrier,HAP,CODEWARE Compress Build,Comfar III,Conval,CYMCAP,CYMDIST,Cyme,CYMDIST,CYMTCC,PSAF,CYMCAP,CYMGRD,CYMTCC,Dialux,Digsilent,Eclipse,ELCAD,Electronic Work Bench,Eplan,ETABS,ETAP,Flarenet,Flaresim,Flowel,HTFS,HTRI,HYSYS,HYSYS,HYSYS,I – SKETCH,INPLANT,INTOOLS,INTOOLS,IPM,IPS,KAPPA 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Max-Migold Limited - Nigeria Leading facility Management...
Max Migold Ltd is a physical facilities advisory, training, inspections and technology solutions firm targeting a niche clientele of Multi-national....
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Success Drives Global Consult - Training and Business Development Company.
We are a training company that educate with latest training Course Material.
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Evidence-Based Programs and Practices - What Works in Criminal Justice - CrimeSolutions.gov
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PetroKnowledge | Oil and Gas Training Courses in Dubai, London, Houston
PetroKnowledge is a Globally Recognized Provider of Training Courses, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences to the International Oil, Gas and Energy Industry
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Mental Health Treatment - Mind Alive
Mind Alive Inc. designs and manufactures equipment for improving brain performance & Mental Health Treatment. Visit now for Mental Health Treatment, inpatient/outpatient facilities and residential programs.
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Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT
AIM is Australia's largest professional body for managers, offering a broad range of career enhancing services. These include professional membership, management training, graduate-level programs, online and eLearning, events and seminars, management publications and research, and specialist bookshop and library facilities.
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India’s Leading Business Services Provider
We are India’s leading business services provider, serving over 1300 customers across 8 countries in more than 8000 locations. Our presence spans across 4 segments namely, Global Technology Solutions Group, Industrial Asset Management Group, Integrated Facilities Management Group and People Services
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Urban Mass Transit Benchmarking Association | Benchmarking Process KPI Best Practices
Urban Mass Transit Benchmarking Association conducts benchmarking studies to identify business process best practices for research and implementation.
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Cleaning Masterclass | Professional cleaner training courses and manuals
The Cleaning Masterclass, the number 1 supplier of cleaner training, presents the very best in cleaner training courses and manuals, technical cleaning manuals and cleaning business opportunities. Training for cleaners takes the form of a basic cleaning technique course. This Masterclass series presents a collection of manuals specifically aimed at starting a new cleaning business, moving into a new cleaning industry area or learning new business skills. We've created a dedicated sales and marketing manual for cleaning businesses and small service businesses. Training for facility managers and cleaning team managers to help be more productive and efficient.
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Human Capital Associates |
Human Associates 2017 Calendar, Local Training, International Training, Training in Nigeria, Training in Abuja, Training in Port Harcourt, Manpower Development in Nigeria, Human Capital Development in Nigeria.
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Marlow Navigation Crew & Ship Management – Partner.Ship.Redefined. - Marlow
Backed by a global network of offices, recruitment agencies & training centres, Marlow Navigation provides comprehensive third-party crew & ship management services
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دورات تدريبية احترافية فى جميع المجالات | Training courses
تعرف على افضل دورات تدريبية احترافيه معتمدة فى جميع المجالات التي تهم موظفي الهيئات والمؤسسات الحكومية والخاصة الوزارات في الخليج والعالم العربي حيث تكون الدورات التدريبية مميزة و متطورة من أجل تدريب وتطوير وتنمية الموارد البشريـة
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National Criminal Justice Reference Service
The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) is a federally funded resource offering justice, substance abuse, and victim assistance information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide.
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UK Top Universities | Subjects and Courses
Complete updated information about Top UK Universities including courses list and details, contact numbers, campus details and address, name of each department and contact persons.
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Spatial Vision - Creative Sustainable Solutions | Application Development | Enterprise GIS Solutions | Cartography | Spatial Analysis and Visualisation | Consulting | Tailoring Spatial Data | GIS Training |Cloud Application Hosting | Cloud Mapping Services | Mobile Apps |Mapscape| CheckSite |SV Maps|GIS Journey GIS Cloud
FROM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS SYSTEMS, MOBILE APPS AND SPATIAL ANALYSIS AND VISUALISATION; TO CREATING STRATEGIES TO USE GIS AND DELIVERY OF CLOUD SOLUTIONS AND TRAINING. WE DO IT ALL. Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) unlocks this data, enabling it to be used in maps or analysis to support decisions made every day, from the routine to the critical, from saving money to saving lives. We have proudly created and built solutions for all levels of government and industry. Our award winning solutions assist our clients to better manage their assets, respond to emergencies, understand markets, target customers and deliver high quality products and services.
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Next Generation Jobs: CV-Library.co.uk & Indeed Partner - Listing Entry Level Jobs
Next Generation Jobs - The UK's first job search website for 16 - 25's. We are the bridge that fills the gap between young jobseekers and employers, No experience? No Problem.
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Advanced Delphi Systems Home Page
This is a Library of Delphi Functions and procedures that are generic in nature.
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Mine Suppliers Online | Mining Directory | MiningOilGas
Mine Suppliers Online is an online A-Z directory of goods and services used by managers at mine sites, purchasing officers, and operators.
    Annals of Applied Sport Science
    The Annals of Applied Sport Science (AASS) follows a rigorous peer-review process for the submission of all articles. AASS publishes not only original articles and review articles but also editorials and short communications in the sport sciences. The Journal is published quarterly in electronic editions. The editorial policy of The Annals of Applied Sport Science (AASS) follows the multi-disciplinary purposes of the sport science to promote the highest standards of scientific study referring to the following fields: a) Sport Physiology, b) Sport Management, c) Kinesiology and Sport Injuries, d) Sport Psychology and Motor Control, e) Sport Biomechanics, and its related branches. The emphasis of the Journal is on the human sciences, broadly defined, and applied to sport and exercise that is defined inclusively to refer to all forms of human movement that aim to maintain or improve physical and mental well-being, create or improve social relationships, or obtain results in competition at all levels. The Journal publishes original research as well as review articles. AASS invites the submission of original research articles and reviews of the sport science literature from sport scientists and scholars throughout the world. All research articles and review papers have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized (double-blind) refereeing by three reviewers (a statistical and two scientific reviewers). نشريه وقايع علوم کاربردی ورزش (AASS) از طريق يک فرآيند داوری دقيق به بررسی همه مقالات واصله اقدام می‌کند. نشريه AASS نه تنها مقاله اصيل و مقاله مروری بلکه حتی سرمقاله و مقاله کوتاه در زمينه علوم ورزشی را منتشر خواهد نمود. اين نشريه بطور فصلنامه و در نسخه‌های الکترونيک انتشار می‌يابد. سياست سردبيری نشريه وقايع علوم کاربردی ورزش از اهداف چندمبحثی علوم ورزشی پيروی می‌کند تا بالاترين استانداردهای مطالعه علمی را در زمينه‌هايی از قبيل ا و شاخه‌های وابسته بدان ارتقاء دهد. تأکيد نشريه بر علوم انسانی، و به معنای گسترده، علوم کاربردی برای ورزش و تمرين است، و بر پايه يک تعريف جامع برمی‌گردد به همه اَشکال حرکات انسانی که به قصد حفظ يا بهبود بهزيستی جسمانی و ذهنی، ايجاد يا بهبود روابط اجتماعی، يا کسب نتايج در همه سطوح از رقابت‌ها انجام می‌شود. اين نشريه علاوه بر تحقيقات اصيل، مقالات مروری را نيز منتشر می‌کند. نشريه حاضر پذيرای دريافت مقالات پژوهشی اصيل و مروری در زمينه علوم ورزشی از محققين و دانشوران ورزشی تمام دنياست. همه مقالات تحقيقی و يادداشت های مروری تحت بررسی داوری دقيق، برپايه غربالگری اوليه سردبير و داوری مقاله بی نام (دوسوکور) توسط سه داور (يک داور آماری و دو داور علمی) قرار می گيرد.
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    UNE Partnerships Pty. Ltd. - Vocational & Administrative Training Courses
    UNE Partnerships is a training company that develops skills for career advancement through their vocational education and training courses.
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    Excitech is the largest Autodesk Platinum Partner in the UK | Excitech
    Excitech services include consultancy, training and support, a comprehensive range of IT, Document Management and Facilities Management solutions
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    Risk Management Course – Risk Management Training Course
    Instructor led Risk Management Course. Access to best facilities and resources for Risk Management Training Course.
    • Updated time: 17/5/4
    دورات تدريبية احترافية فى جميع المجالات | Training courses
    تعرف على افضل دورات تدريبية احترافيه معتمدة فى جميع المجالات التي تهم موظفي الهيئات والمؤسسات الحكومية والخاصة الوزارات في الخليج والعالم العربي حيث تكون الدورات التدريبية مميزة و متطورة من أجل تدريب وتطوير وتنمية الموارد البشريـة
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    XGYMPOWER | Officail Site | Bodybuilding | Fitness | Workout | Sports
    BodyBuilding | Fitness | Sports | Islamic | Design | Games | Prog
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    Welcome To The Australian Journal of Mining — Australian Journal of Mining
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    Indira Group of Educational Institutions
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    STAR SECURITY | Corporate, Event, Close Protection, Disasters
    Over 20 years experience. Star Security provides trained, licensed and bonded security guards to various corporate clients, venues, events & concerts.
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    Health n Beauty
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    SOC | Federal Government and Commercial Security Infrastructure Solutions
    SOC is a trusted global provider of integrated security and critical infrastructure solutions with a history of assuring safe and effective operations for U.S. Government and commercial customers.
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    Sizanani Training and Development CC
    Sizanani Training and Development is an established training company specializing in a vast number of Occupational Health and Safety training courses based on and as contained in the OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT NO. 85 OF 1993
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    eGov Payments / eGov Strategies, LLC
    eGov, eGov Strategies in Indianapolis is the leader in website development services such as online services and content management for government entities.
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    Khawarizmi International College ::. KIC .::
    :::. Al Khawarizmi International College Website and Students Portal .::: Founded in 1985. Join KIC now www.kic.ae/join_kic or visit KIC in any of KIC campuses.
      Welcome to Projectshelve | Projectshelve
      Free project topics and materials for final year students. ProjectShelve provides research materials for PHD, MSC, MBA, BSC, HND, OND and NCE students of accountancy, business administration, computer science, economics, electrical and electronics engineering, architecture, mass communication, accounting and finance project materials, business administration project materials and topics, human resources, entrepreneurship, computer science and engineering project materials and topics, Accounting Project topics and Materials, Agriculture Project topics and Materials, Banking and Finance Project topics and Materials, Bio-Chemistry Project topics and Materials, Business Administration and Management Project topics and Materials, Computer Science Project topics and Materials, Economics Project topics and Materials, Education Project topics and Materials, Food Technology Project topics and Materials, Insurance Project topics and Materials, International and Diplomatic Studies Project topics and Materials, Marketing Project topics and Materials, Mass Communication Project topics and Materials, Philosophy Project topics and Materials, Political Science Project topics and Materials, Public Administration Project topics and Materials
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      Australis College | Job Ready Training and Diploma Courses
      Come into our Brisbane campus to meet with your trainer and use our comprehensive facilities, in order to get the most out of our course.
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      Superyacht Information Directory
      Superyacht, Crew Accommodation, Crew Agencies, Hotels, Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services, Limousines & Car Hire, Marinas & Ports, Maritime Lawyer, MCA Approved Doctors, Restaurants, Shipyards, Yacht Agents, Yacht Brockers, Yacht Charter Companies, Yacht Club, Yacht Management Company, Yacht Provisioning Companies, Yacht Refit & Repairs, Yacht Sales, Yacht Training Facilities, Yachting Equipment in
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      One Minute to Midnight - Human Wins
      One Minute to Midnight are a global Human Insight consultancy. We focus on putting the understanding of humans at the centre of everything that we do to enable brands to connect in the most powerful and authentically human ways.
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      Institute of professional education and development (IPED INSTITUTE) is one of the best leading,renowned and valuable organization in rawalpindi, islamabad, pakistan with good 100% success rate. The institute has big technical labs, libraries, furnished classrooms with multimedia, centrally air-conditioned facilities, large playground and cafeteria,communication system, executive hostel, facilities with lavishing mess, students from different cities of Pakistan are enjoying their education in IPED Pakistan. IPED institute have hundreds of students from different province of Pakistan (punjab, sindh, kpk, balochistan, ajk). Our most of the successful students are serving in different countries of the world (middle east, gulf, ksa, saudiarabia, oman, qatar, behrain, uk, usa, australia, newzeland, westindies, southafrica, sirilanka, malaysia, dubai, swedan, denmark, uk, paris, japan, china, hongkong, also thousands of the students referred from renowned Govt organizations like navttc, ntb, sdc, ttb, ogdcl, ptcl, navy, army, police, rescue, ndma, cda, lda, wapda, lesco, iesco, sngpl etc to iped institute. Which proves the credibility of IPED Institute, now IPED is also offering many of the international courses like nebosh igc, iosh, osha, sap erp, rigpass, habc, grand iosh, iped offers admission for winter season 20% discount in all technical short courses like engineering, information technology, computer, management, business, oil and gas, safety, rig, drilling, reservoir, project management, civil engineering, land/civil surveyor, quantity surveyor, quality control, software engineering, web development and web designing, peachtree courses, quickbook courses, tally courses in with low and affordable fees structure also provide executive hostel facilities for brilliant students to get bright future in upstream industries which is highly paid industries, corporate sectors, multinational companies, process industries (chemical industries, mechanical industries, construction industries) with fringe benefits. IPED is a leading institute which is going to provide a complete technical education training and practical on Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir engineering, Refinery engineering, Drilling engineering, Production System, Facilities, Civil Engineering, Civil surveyor/Land surveyor, Quantity surveyor, Auto-Cad, Safety officer, IOSH MS(Managing Safely), Nebosh IGC, HSE Engineering, Computer IT, Software engineering, Civil drafts man, Sap ERP, 3d studio MAX, Maya, Primavera P6, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Textile Engineering, HAVC Mechanical, Disaster Management, Risk Management, HR Management, Construction Management, Safety Management, Project Management, Business Management, Oil and gas, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, OSHA course, Accounting software course in rawalpindi, islamabad, Pakistan. Rapid development and a demand for higher standards of employee in all organization and companies we teach high quality studies to our students to get easily job in different sectors. IPED institute is affiliated with Govt of Pakistan and we provide Govt registered fast track diploma courses in all over Pakistan. IPED institute is accredited with TTB(Trade testing Board), SDC(Skill Development Council) and International bodies. Iped institute provides the best quality education in technical vocational trades in one or two years diploma courses in three different tracks of education like regular classes (five days a week), distance learning process (students can prepare via two assignments), experienced based courses (with their 5 years experience letter of any relevant company). IPED institute affiliated with three technical boards of govt of Pakistan SDC(SKILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL)GOVT OF PUNJAB,TTB(TRADE TESTING BOARD) GOVT OF KPK, TTPC(UNDER THE SKILL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION) GOVT OF PUNJAB. Iped offers quality education standards in Petroleum Engineering, Oil and gas, Civil Engineering, Rig, Reservoir, Drilling, Quality Control,Software engineering,Computer IT, Safety Officer and Safety Supervisor, IOSH course, NEBOSH course, OSHA course, HSE Engineering course, Civil surveyor course, Quantity surveyor course, Auto-Cad course, Draftsman course, Project management course, Primavera course, 3d Studio max course, Sap ERP training, Accounting software course, Management course, Oil and gas course, Hotel Management course, D.I.T course, C.I.T course, Business Management course,Reflecting the diversity and geographical spread of the different International industries. IPED provide quality technical education provide in rawalpindi, islamabad, Pakistan.
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