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Coffee Service – produkujemy opakowania foliowe, torebki foliowe doypack (doypack z zamknięciem strunowym / z zipem / ze struną, doypack z korkiem, doypack z wentylem, doypack standard, doypack do tytoniu), torebki stojące (z fałdą boczną), torebki do kawy, torebki na tytoń, torebki z wentylem, torebki z OPP, torebki metalizowane, torebki z Aluminium, wentyl, worki strunowe, saszetki (saszetki z zamknięciem strunowym / ze struną / z zipem, saszetki do tytoniu z taśmą z klejem / ze struną / zklapką, opakowania foliowe bez nadruku, opakowania do tytoniu, opakowanie foliowe z okienkiem, opakowania foliowe z nadrukiem, opakowania kształtowe / doypack kształtowy, doypack z eurodziurką, doypack z otworem, doypack z rączką, doypack z zakrąglonymi rogami, torebki foliowe stojące, druk na folii, flexo, druk opakowań, perforacja folii / laser, nacięcie laserowe folii / laminatów, nacięcie kształtowe, mikroperforacja, nacinka ułatwiająca otwieranie torebki / opakowania "easy open", laser. Laminaty wielowarstwowe opakowaniowe. Posiadamy sklep internetowy - opakowania standardowe - doypack / doypack z korkiem, dopack ze struną / z zipem, saszetki, torebki stojące / z fałdą boczną. Posiadamy studio graficzne / projekty opakowań / grafika. Drukujemy folie opakowaniowe, laminaty, flexodruk, rotograwiura, flexo HD, flexo Kodak. Produkujemy automaty pakujące, automaty pakujące do gotowych torebek, maszyny pakujące oraz inne maszyny dla przemysłu spożywczego, dozowniki, dozowniki do produktów sypkich, wagi kombinacyjne, zgrzewarki do folii, także usługowe pakowanie / konfekcjonowanie, pakowanie w gotowe torebki. Posiadamy certyfikat ISO 9001:2000
  • Google Plus ID: +coffeeservice
Best Home Decor Online Portal in India | The Elephant Company
Best online Shopping Site in India for Home decor, buy accessories like coffee mugs, cushion covers, umbrellas, sling bags, leather bags,wall clocks -India's best home decor shopping portal. Free Shipping, COD options across India.
  • Google Plus ID: +Theelephantcompany
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  • Creation date: 12/5/1
  • Updated time: 15/1/9
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Butcher Supplies & Equipment | Butcherquip
ButcherQuip exists to provide you with the equipment, expertise and help you need to produce your own tender steaks and succulent sausages.
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Online Shopping in Pakistan | Buy Mobiles, Electronics, Appliances & much more online at Telemart.pk
Online Shopping in Pakistan for Mobiles, Electronics, Appliances, Watches & Perfumes at Telemart. Wide range of original products with cash on delivery and free discount card.
  • Google Plus ID: +Telemartstores111-mobile
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Coffee Bags, Foil Bag, Paper Bag Wholesale & Flexible Food Packaging, Box Bottom Bags, Flat Bottom Bags, Block Bottom Bags at Pack Plus Converting
Packaging supplier of coffee bags, foil bags, paper bags, stand-up pouches, flat pouches and box bottom bags, flat bottom bags, block bottom bags for all your flexible packaging needs. Our bags can package coffee, food, snacks, pet treats and various other products.
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  • Creation date: 03/8/27
  • Updated time: 15/8/28
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Cascade Coffee. Inc.
  • Creation date: 11/3/20
  • Updated time: 15/3/2
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Special Offers, Senseo, Coffee Pods & Tea Pods, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, Other Capsule Systems, Filter Coffee & Beans, Tea Bags & Instant Tea, Syrup & Sauces, Fissler, Hot Chocolate, Milk & Sugar, Chocomel, Machines & Spare Parts, Ritzenhoff, Maxwell & Williams, Brabantia, Delicacy, Alfi, Blomus, Goebel, Snacks & Sweets, Kahla, Koziol, Leonardo, Nachtmann, Plopp / bath Plopp, reisenthel, Riedel, Rösle, Soehnle, Spiegelau, TV Tassen, Schott Zwiesel, Take2, Gefu, Brainstream, Authentics, Thomas, Hutschenreuther, Schulte-Ufer, AdHoc, Yankee Candle, Setmann Weiden, Hoptimist, Kay Bojesen, Rosendahl Copenhagen, Kuhn Rikon, Emsa, Umbra, Ballarini, LiLaLu, Apando, ASA
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Pacific Bag, Inc. - Coffee Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Custom Printed Bags, Side Gusseted
Pacific Bag is a leading supplier of flexible packaging solutions to include, blank coffee bags, pet treat bags, packaging for specialty food and more.
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  • Creation date: 99/12/13
  • Updated time: 16/4/2
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Home - Life Is YouLife Is You | Life Is You, Coffee
LifeIsYou, Kaffeebag, Kaffeebags, coffee bag, coffee bags, brewed coffee, filterkaffee
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  • Updated time: 15/12/17
Coffee Bag, Kraft Paper Flat Block Bottom Box Pouch Coffee Bag with Tin Tie Coffee Bags with Valve, Stand Up Pouch with Zipper, Side Gusset Coffee Pouches,  &  all Kinds of Tea Package, Food Packaging. - Home
Dow Summit, Box Pouch, Box Pouch Coffee Bag, Flat Bottom Coffee Bags, Box Pouch with Valve & Box Pouch with Pocket Zipper, For Coffe, Tea, & Food Package
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  • Creation date: 11/12/9
  • Updated time: 14/6/18
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MCA STORE - T-Shirts, Bags, Hoodies, Mugs, Coffee Cups! Everything You Need To Promote MCA
  • Creation date: 14/12/12
  • Updated time: 17/11/27
  • Valid until: 18/12/12
Hello Green - eco-friendly, non-toxic products for a healthy life
Superb range of reusable takeaway coffee cups, bento boxes, baby food pouches, safe drink bottles, lunch boxes, sandwich bags, veggie bags, eco toys and more.
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The Little Coffee Bag Co. Individually Wrapped, Luxury Coffee Bags
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  • Creation date: 11/9/9
  • Updated time: 14/4/2
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Coffee Care - Outrageously good coffee
As a Yorkshire coffee supplier, we offer a large range of speciality coffees, teas and extras. We have coffee equipment along with our own engineers...
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  • Creation date: 99/4/28
  • Updated time: 17/3/31
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Coffee Bags, Coffee Pouches, Snack Food Bags, Pet Food Bags & Non-Food Packaging, Box Bottom Bags, Flat Bottom Bags, Block Bottom Bags at Tenka Flexible Packaging
Tenka Flexible Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of coffee bags. We have paper coffee bags, stand up coffee pouches, aroma patterned coffee pouches, gusseted coffee bags and box bottom bags, flat bottom bags, block bottom bags. We also carry a variety of bags for snack foods, pet foods, gourmet items, specialty foods and various other products. Stand up pouches, flat pouches, foil bags and paper bags are all available in stock.
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  • Creation date: 06/7/7
  • Updated time: 16/7/8
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Omniverse Foster Packaging Group | Packaging-Food Ingredients-Innovation-Automation
Omniverse Group, market leaders in Innovative, Flexible and Rigid Packaging Solutions.
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Branders Promotional Products & Tradeshow Giveaways
Branders stocks a wide range of customizable promotional products. We carry coffee mugs, sports bottles, glassware, koozies, tote bags, backpacks, pens, t-shirts, and more all in a range of colors and styles for your promotional gifts.
  • Google Plus ID: +BrandersPromotionalProducts
  • Creation date: 98/10/9
  • Updated time: 16/10/9
  • Valid until: 26/10/8
Stewart's Packaging, Inc. - Houston, custom-printed bags, plastic bags
Stewart's Packaging provides businesses with the materials it needs to succeed -- cups, plastic bags, paper bags, napkins, green and recycled packaging and can liners. Since 1957, Stewart's Packaging has been serving its partners in the retail and restaurant industries from Houston's Original Farmers Market.
  • Google Plus ID: 105104071124388816751
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  • Creation date: 00/1/21
  • Updated time: 17/1/22
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CakeSupplyShop.com - Cake Decorations, Food Picks, Cupcake Picks, Pre-made Sugars, Gumpaste Roses & More
Find Shop Buy Edible Photo Images, Cake Toppers, Water Bottle Labels, Hershey's Kisses Stickers, Gift Wrapping Paper, United States
  • Creation date: 11/5/4
  • Updated time: 15/4/26
  • Valid until: 18/5/4
Coffee bags, Stand up pouches, Box Bottom bags, Rippa Zippa, Side Gusset bags, Earth Bags, in Australia
Coffee Bags Pty Ltd :: Purveyors of quality coffee bags and flexible packaging in Australia.
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Food Packaging Australia | Fine Pack | Sydney
Fine Pack have many years of experience in providing our customers with food packaging services in both Australia and overseas. Call Fine Pack on (02) 8040 4601 today for more information.
    Online Alışveriş Marketi, Bilgisayar, Telefon, TV / Görüntü / Ses Sistemleri, Beyaz Eşya / Elektrikli Ev Aletleri, Foto / Kamera,Anne / Bebek /, Oyuncak, Giyim / Ayakkabı / Çanta, Kozmetik / Bakım / Sağlık, Saat / Gözlük / Aksesuar, Takı / Mücevher, Isıtma
    Online Alışveriş Marketi, Bilgisayar, Telefon, TV / Görüntü / Ses Sistemleri, Beyaz Eşya / Elektrikli Ev Aletleri, Foto / Kamera,Anne / Bebek /, Oyuncak, Giyim / Ayakkabı / Çanta, Kozmetik / Bakım / Sağlık, Saat / Gözlük / Aksesuar, Takı / Mücevher, Isıtma / Soğutma Sistemleri, Ev / Dekorasyon / Mobilya, Hediyelik / İlginç / Pratik Ürünler, Hobi Oyun / Oyun Konsolları, Müzik Aletleri, Pet Shop, Outdoor / Spor, Yapı Market / Hırdavat / Bahçe, Oto Aksesuarları, Süper Market, Dizüstü Bilgisayarlar, Tabletler, Masaüstü Bilgisayarlar, Monitör PC (All in One ), Mini PC, Sunucular, Yazıcılar, Laser Yazıcılar, Mürekkep Püskürtmeli Yazıcılar, Nokta Vuruşlu Yazıcılar, Tarayıcı, Çiziciler (Plotter), Barkod Ürünleri , Sarf Malzemeler, Veri Depolama, Taşınabilir Disk, USB Bellek, Çoklu Depolama Ünitesi (NAS), Hafıza Kartı ve Kart Okuyucuları, Bilgisayar Bileşenleri, Anakartlar, Ekran Kartları, Bellek, Ram), İşlemciler, Hard Diskler, Bilgisayar Kasaları, Power Supply (Psu), Optik Sürücüler, Soğutucular / Overclock, TV Kartları, Ses KartlarI, SSD (Solid State Drive), Çevre Birimleri, Monitörler, Mouse, Klavye, Güç Kaynakları Ups / Akü, Ses ve Görüntü Ürünleri, Grafik Tabletler, DVD/HDD Kasaları, Ağ / Modem , Modemler, Access Point, 3G/4G Router, Router, Menzil Arttırıcı, Wireless Adaptör, Powerline Ürünleri, Switch, Network Kartları, Print Server, Bluetooth Ürünleri, Ethernet Kartları, Antenler / Kablolar, Mp3 / Ses Kayıt Cihazları, MP3 Player, Ses Kayıt Cihazları, Projeksiyon ve Aksesuarları , Projeksiyon, Projeksiyon Aksesuar, Yazılım, Antivirüs ve Güvenlik, Eğitim Yazılımları, İşletim Sistemleri, Office Yazılımları, Ticari Yazılımlar, Sektörel yazılımlar, ön muhasebe yazılımları, genel muhasebe yazılımları, teknik servis programı, işletme yazılımları, Aksesuarlar, Notebook Aksesuarları, Tablet ve iPad Aksesuarları, Kablolar / Switch ve Çoklayıcılar, Akım Koruyucular, Mp3 Aksesuarları, Taşınabilir Disk Aksesuarları, USB Aksesuarları, Mouse Pad, Temizlik Ürünleri, Monitör Aksesuarları, iMac / MacBook Aksesuarları, CD / DVD ve Aksesuarları, Oyuncu Özel, Oyun Donanımları, Cep Telefonu, Android Telefonlar, iPhone iOS Telefonlar, Microsoft Windows Telefonlar, Diğer Marka Telefonlar, Cep Telefonu Aksesuar, Giyilebilir Teknoloji (Smart Wear), Şarj Cihazları, Selfie (Özçekim) Çubukları, Bataryalar, Araç Aksesuarları, Taşınabilir, Hoparlörler, Kontörler, Dokunmatik Ekran Kalemleri, Cep Telefonu Ahizesi, Data Ürünleri, iPhone Aksesuarları, Powerbank, Telsiz / Masaüstü Telefonlar, Telsiz Telefonlar, Masaüstü Telefonlar, Lisanssız Telsizler, Telefon Santralleri, Giyilebilir Teknoloji, Akıllı Gözlükler, Ses / Görüntü Sistemleri, Televizyon, LED TV, Televizyon Aksesuarları, Ev Sinema Sistemleri, Ev Sinema Hoparlörleri, Dvd -Blu-Ray Oynatıcılar, Müzik Sistemleri, Uydu Alıcıları, Uydu Alıcısı Aksesuarları, Güvenlik Sistemleri, Güvenlik Sistemleri, Güvenlik Kamerası, Dedektörler, Alarm Sistemleri Aksesuarları, Kişisel Güvenlik Ekipmanları, Beyaz Eşya, Ankastre Ürünler, Buzdolabı, Derin Dondurucu, Çamaşır Makinesi, Çamaşır Kurutma Makinesi, Bulaşık Makinesi, Davlumbaz, Fırın, Aspiratör, Ocak, Su Sebili, Buz Yapma Makinesi, Elektrikli Ev Aletleri, Ütüler, Süpürgeler, Şarjlı Süpürgeler, Halı Yıkama Makineleri, Hava Temizleme ve Nemlendirme Cihazları, Dikiş Makineler, Ütü Masaları ve Aksesuarları,Çamaşır Kurutma Askıları, Elektrikli Mutfak Aletleri, Blender, Buharlı Pişiriciler,Çay Kahve Makineleri / Filtre, Doğrayıcılar / Rondolar, Elektrikli Izgara ? 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Elbise, Bluz / Tshirt, Gömlek, Sweatshirt, Etek, Pantolon / Tayt, Ceket / Yelek, Mont / Kaban, Hırka / Kazak, Şort, Büyük Beden, Eşofman / Spor, İç Giyim, Aksesuar, Plaj Giyim, Bayan Ayakkabı, Babet, Spor, Günlük, Topuklu Ayakkabı, Terlik, Sandalet, Bot, Çizme, Erkek Giyim, T-Shirt, Gömlek, Sweatshirt, Pantolon, Şort / Bermuda, Ceket / Yelek, Hırka / Kazak, Mont / Kaban, Takım Elbise, Eşofman / Spor, İç Giyim, Aksesuar, Plaj Giyim, Erkek Ayakkabı, Spor, Günlük, Klasik, Terlik, Bot / Çizme, Çanta / Kemer, Çanta, Cüzdan, Omuz Çantası, Portföy Çanta, Abiye Çanta, Sırt Çantası, Plaj Çantası, Spor Çantası, Evrak Çantaları, Seyahat Çantaları, Erkek Çantaları, Okul Çantası, Tablet Kılıfı & Notebook Çantası, Kemer, Erkek Kemer, Kadın Kemer, Kozmetik / Bakım / Sağlık, Parfüm& Deodorant, Makyaj Ürünleri, Cilt Bakım Ürünleri, Güneş Bakım Ürünleri, Saç Bakımı, Kişisel Bakım, Sağlık ve Medikal Ürünler, Elektrikli Kişisel Bakım, Bayan Parfümleri, Erkek Parfümleri, Göz Makyajı, Yüz Makyajı, Dudak 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    ZING AUSTRALIA is an Innovative Packaging Solution Provider for both Flexible and Rigid Packaging Needs
    Zing Australia offers a range of products and services including: Flexible & Rigid Packaging Supplies, Packaging Design, Label Printing Service, and More. Shop now for the BEST at wholesale price.
      Stand Up Pouches, Coffee Bags, Kraft Bags, Food Bags, Gusseted Bags, Tin Canister, Equipment - Sav-on Bags
      Flexible Packaging supplier of Stand Up Pouches, Tin Canisters, Equipment, Eco-Friendly Packaging, which can package tea, coffee, food and many more products.
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      Stand Up Pouches, Coffee Bags, Paper Bags, Beef Jerky Bags
      PBFY offers quality flexible packaging products from stand up pouches, foil bags, coffee packaging, paper bags, sealers, plastic pouches and more.
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      VIVO PACKAGING | One-Stop Packaging Solutions Provider | Pouches | Bags | Boxes | Cartons | Containers | Tins | Tubs | Jars | Bottles | Tubes | Stickers | Labels | Custom Packaging | Wholesale Packaging | Packaging Manufacturer
      VIVO PACKAGING is Australia's Innovative Packaging Solutions Provider for both Flexible and Rigid packaging needs.
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      The Bag Broker EU - Home
      The Bag Broker EU provides a wide range of quality stock and custom made flexible packaging bags for coffee, tea and dry food.
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      Tully’s Coffee Shops: Your friendly neighborhood coffee shop
      At Tully's we know that customers have many choices for their coffee, that is why it's our mission to provide the world's ultimate coffee shop experience with the highest-quality beverages, most inviting stores, friendliest staff and best value.
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      Coffee Bags, Stand Up Pouch & Side Gusset Bag :: GMD Packaging
      GMD Packaging has been a market leader in specialist disposable packaging and supplies since 1990. Currently we stock coffee bags, stand up pouches, side gusset bags, vacuum pouches, spout bags, heat sealers and custom printing.
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      Modern Bedding, Table Linens + Unique Home Decor | Unison
      Unison designs and sells modern timeless bedding, home fashions, textiles, pillows and housewares that unite design with practical daily life.
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      Custom coffee tea bags with vale for sale wholesale|supplier in China from YongLianTai Plastic Packing CO.,LTD
      Custom high quality coffee tea bags,coffee packaging bags with valve in China from YongLianTai Plastic Packing CO.,LTD
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      we manufacture digital printed stand up pouches and coffee bags. We manufacture biodegradable plastic with spouts and paper bags using latest foil and plastic products. We can pack superfoods, tea and coffee products in our brown paper.
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      Savor Brands | Package and Print House
      Custom Coffee Bags. We are a specialty printer offering custom coffee packaging.
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      Old Chicago Coffee Co.
      Coffee Direct Cart
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      Coffee without the Crash | Javazen
      Javazen is coffee without the crash! We blend premium organic coffee with antioxidant-rich tea and nutrient-rich superfoods together in eco-friendly Brew Bags.
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      Packaging materials, machinery and supplies - Packaging Center USA.com
      Packaging Center, Inc. has everything you need for packaging products, including, weigh and fill machines, vacuum packing machines, shrink bands and sealers, shrink wrap, plastic bags and plastic bag heat sealers.
        Crop to Cup Coffee Importers
        Crop to Cup Coffee Importers sources green beans for coffee roasters
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        The Executive Advertising Promotional Products
        Promotional Products with your company logo imprinted from The Executive Advertising. Promotional Items at wholesale prices perfect for advertising specialist or small business marketing. Let us help you make your company or tradeshow event an advertising success by branding your company logo on promotional items. Imprinted promotional products with corporate logos, and custom promotional gifts, trade show giveaways, and logo corporate apparel.
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        Stand Up Pouches, Coffee Bags, Paper Bags, Beef Jerky Bags
        PBFY offers quality flexible packaging products from stand up pouches, foil bags, coffee packaging, paper bags, sealers, plastic pouches and more.
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        Treecycle Recycled Paper and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
        TREECYCLE Recycled Paper and Environmentally Friendly Cleaners. Treecycle has environmentally friendly recycled paper, environmentally friendly cleaning products and environmentally friendly food service products. Our paper is unbleached, process chlorine free and high in post consumer waste. Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are non toxic.
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        ZING AUSTRALIA is an Innovative Packaging Solution Provider for both Flexible and Rigid Packaging Needs
        Zing Australia offers a range of products and services including: Flexible & Rigid Packaging Supplies, Packaging Design, Label Printing Service, and More. Shop now for the BEST at wholesale price.
          Coffee Maker -
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          Stone Canyon Promotions
          Your one-stop source for custom promotional products, great looking logo apparel, and signs and banners that will help enhance your company image
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          BIANCO AUSTRALIA offers a range of products and services including: Flexible & Rigid Packaging Supplies, Packaging Design, Label Printing Service, and More. Shop now for the BEST at wholesale price.
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          Packaging Bags Suppliers | Custom Packaging Bags | Food Packaging | Cold Brew Coffee Packaging
          <p>Swiss Pack manufactures packaging bags up to 9 colors and can be customized as per customer’s requirement. Inquiry Today !!</p>
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          Detours | Bicycle Panniers, Bags and Accessories
          Detours | Bicycle Panniers, Bags and Accessories
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          Welcome to Premier
          Premier Cleaning Products - Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Retailer of Quality Cleaning Products. Toilet papers, hand towels, cleaning hardware and janitorial supplies. Melbourne based. Deliveries to country Vic. & interstate , front loader washing machine , laundry powder front loader ,
            Stand up pouches | coffee bags | flexible packaging | Packing needs
            WE here at Swiss Pac cater for the multitude and all their packaging needs. Our staff is more than capable and willing to provide their professional assistance with regards to the package designing and production of your suited packaging
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            Magsons Group
            Magsons Group
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            Coffee Bags | Kraft Bags | Food Bags | Gusseted Bags | Stand Up Pouches | Box Bottom Bags | Flat Bottom Bags | Block Bottom Bags | Stock Bag Depot
            Packaging supplier of coffee bags, foil bags, paper bags, stand up pouches, flat pouches and box bottom bags, flat bottom bags, block bottom bags for all your flexible packaging needs. Our bags can package coffee, food, snacks, pet treats and various other products.
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            Online Gifting Mall in India, Personalized and Handpicked Gifts, Gifts, Mugs, Home Decor, Trendy Bags, Custom T-shirts, iPhone Covers, Samsung Covers, Attractive Wall Clocks
            India's Online Gifting Mall The Gifts Factory featuring Home decor items, Personalized gifts, Bar items, Fifa world cup items, Tech accessories, iPhone Covers, Bags, Designer Tshirts, Coffee mugs, iPhone covers and more. Best Gift options for birthdays, anniversary, parties, farewell, wedding, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and more..
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            Packer Joe
            Packer Joe provides the most reliable packaging solution in the industry. Quality and design are the two strongholds of our company. Low minimum order quantity for custom printed packaging start from 100 pouches. Our product from custom printed coffee bags to variety industrial pouches solutions
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            Royal Motor Cycles
            Royal Motor Cycles has been in business for the last 50 years, catering to various clients not only in India, but all over the world.
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            The Longford Coffee Company is an independent family run business based in the rural village of Longford in the Derbyshire Dales. We roast premium, single origin coffee beans from around the world in small batches to order for maximum freshness, including Colombia Decaffeinated coffee (or Colombian Decaffeinated), Guatemala Pacayalito Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from a co-operative of small farmers in the Pacaya region of Guatemala, Kenya Peaberry coffee from the Kirinyara district of Kenya, Monsoon Malabar coffee (or Monsooned Malabar) from India, Nicaragua Santa Maria de Lourdes coffee from the Jinotega Aranjuez region of Nicaragua, Rwanda Nkora coffee from the Rutsiro region of Western Rwanda, Sumatra Gegarang Village organic coffee from a co-operative of small farmers around the village of Gegarang in the Aceh region of Sumatra. We supply all of our coffees in heat sealed 125g bags to ensure freshness and deliver it to customers within two to four days of roasting when it at its best. Our coffee can be purchased as whole beans for maximum freshness if you have your own grinder or ground to suit your coffee making equipment. In addition to bags of coffee we produce coffee gift bags consisting of a jute gift bag containing either three or six taster bags of coffee. We also sell accessories such as coffee filter cones and coffee filters. We supply domestic customers and commercial outlets such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes, farm shops etc.
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            CakeSupplyShop.com - Cake Decorations, Food Picks, Cupcake Picks, Pre-made Sugars, Gumpaste Roses & More
            Find Shop Buy Edible Photo Images, Cake Toppers, Water Bottle Labels, Hershey's Kisses Stickers, Gift Wrapping Paper, United States
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            Coffee bags, Stand up pouches, Box Bottom bags, Rippa Zippa, Side Gusset bags, Earth Bags, in Australia
            Coffee Bags Pty Ltd :: Purveyors of quality coffee bags and flexible packaging in Australia.
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            Zutasia, Nigeria's #1 Customers' Online Shopping Choice -Zutasia, Nigeria's #1 Customers' Online Shopping Choice
            We provide Convenience-Shopping service for individual shoppers, businesses and corporate clients. Our team is dedicated to continuously grow our categories and fine tune our services to always deliver to each customer the “Promise of More”.
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            Fast Custom T-shirt Printing & Embroidery, Unlimited Colors, No Minimum, DTG Printing and Screen Printing. Same Day Printing. Design your own t-shirt.
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            GoHospitality - Australia's Hospitality Directory
            Search, find and contact over 9188 companies for FREE. GoHospitality, Australia's Hospitality Directory
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            Buy Organic Coffee, Flavoured Coffees & Teas, Coffee Offers & Syrups, UK
            Buy the comprehensive range of the highest quality of organic coffee, flavoured coffees & teas from UK leading supplier Finestcoffee.co.uk. Check our special coffee offers & syrups.
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            Bizpen | Branded Promo Gifts & Promotional Marketing Giveaways | Custom Corporate Products & Personalized Business Items
            Bizpen Offers Customized & Personalized Business Promotional Items. Including Pens, Travel Bottles, Backpack & Totes. Branded Coffee Mugs & Printed Corporate Items Are Available. Call 888.411.6999 Now!
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            Guayusa Tea Shop: Quality Guayusa Tea, Loose Leaf & Pyramid Bags
            We're a small business helping spread the word about this tasty and healthy alternative to coffee. Learn more about Guayusa Tea.
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            Welcome to Duronic is a global consumer products brand based in the United Kingdom, our products range from electronics, health and safety, household, office, kitchen, travel and outdoor, Air Fryers, Computer Accessories, Baby Monitors, Projector Screens, Desk Mounts
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            Ringtons Tea, Coffee, Biscuits Gifts & Wholesale Supplies
            Ringtons, blending the freshest tea and coffee since 1907. Stockists of high quality teas, coffee, cakes and biscuits. Shop online free UK delivery available.
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            Home • Choccywoccydoodah
            The start of everything Choccy.  I'm Christine Taylor and my business partner is another Christine, Christine Garratt.  We have been friends for ages, in and out of each others lives and families for as long as I can remember.  We both had careers in London, I was a graphic designer in an agency and the other Christine was a tax analyst for American ex-pats in an oil company.  One day we decided we wanted a change. A change of career,  pace, lifestyle and town.  We pooled our money and our resources and bought a small (actually, really tiny) cafe in Brighton.  We thought it would be easy.  We knew nothing.  Serving the public AND catering - two of the hardest jobs in existence. The third hardest part of our chosen new career was that the cafe only sat 15 people.  We were always full, always busy and always poor.  We needed more tables and chairs to earn enough money to make even a small profit.  (I feel I should point out that despite working our tits off and being as poor as church mice, life was raucously entertaining. The cafe customers, the staff and both of us all performed and out performed each other in our tiny little space with hysterical laughter and shenanigans almost out stripping our reputation for good food and amazing milkshakes. It's another story for another time)  Then, unexpectedly, the shop next door to our cafe became vacant.  And - there was an internal connecting door.  All we would need to do was open the door and fill the space with tables and chairs.  So we took on the lease.  And celebrated.  Our celebrations didn't last long however.  The council informed us that they would not look kindly on losing an established retail premises.  We already had the key.  To a shop we no longer wanted.  We got drunk.  In fact, we drank a very large bottle of gin between us.  At the bottom of that bottle, we found a plan.  Drunk and jolly, in desperate need of chocolate, we realised that if we had to have a key to a shop door, that shop should sell chocolate.  And it should be called Choccywoccydoodah.  (Pronounced drunk as Sschoccywoccydoodaaaaaah) The second part of our plan was that when we had made everyone fat, including ourselves, we would open a diet shop.  And that shop would be called Chubbywubbydoodah.  Actually, we still might. We certainly got fat.  Reap what you sow.  Stone cold sober, we still thought it was a marvellous plan.  So, at the end of every day, the cafe till would be emptied and a little of our takings would be set aside to be used for the purchase of chocolate.  We found out one of our Saturday regulars was a sales rep for a Belgian chocolate manufacturer. She introduced us to clever people who made delicious chocolates and an unconventional convent of nuns who handmade truffles.  Gradually, we acquired stock. Little by little, we bought every decent piece of handmade chocolate we could find.  When the cafe closed in the evenings, Christine and I would bake cakes, roast chickens and make soup for the following day. Then we would nip next door and build cabinets, shelves, window displays and paint our new shop.  It took us 3 months. We announced our opening date, 26th October 1994, to all our cafe customers, who by now, were keenly following our progress.  The 24th October was spent filling the shelves, displaying our wares and boxing our gorgeous, handmade by nuns, chocolate truffles.  When we stepped back, confidentally smiling, to admire our handiwork, we were appalled.  The shop looked half empty.  We had obviously eaten far more than we realised and purchased far less than we realised. Although, we had eaten a lot.  No time for gin.  We hit the kitchen and baked for 24 hours non-stop.  Cake after cake, enrobed in chocolate.  As the hours went by we became more delirious and the cakes became more fantastical.  The shelves, the counter, the displays, all groaned under the weight of the crazy cakes.  Wobbly, tall cakes with cherries spilling from the top.  Whisky soaked (an accident) white chocolate cakes. Fat, short cakes piled high with pistachio creams.  Chocolate cake on every surface.  We opened the doors to our new emporium, as promised, on the 26th October 1994.  And we sold out of cakes.  The Mothership Story Like most Brighton residents, I am only here for the lon g weekend. Mine started in 1987 and I have yet to get to Sunday. Everyone in Brighton has a story, but as this is not th eir book, I shall tell you only mine. A long time ago, Christine Garratt (current financial dire ctor of Choccywoccydoodah) and I pooled our resources, packed our big old London bags and headed to Br ighton to find a different life from our metropolitan one. We arrived shortly before a hurricane. Oddly enough, the hurricane blew through southeast England on my birthday, sweeping away the landscape as we knew it , the cars, the trees, some buildings and our old lives. The most horrible and memorable part of those few days, when Brighton was isolated from the rest of the country by devastation and fallen trees, was walking on dead sparrows. There were many thousands of them, killed by the storm. It was impos sible to avoid either walking on the debris of people's lives, or dead sparrows. As you should have read by now, we bought a cafe. We had a hoot, but business people we were not. Actually, not then, and not now. We have absolutely promised ourselves that one day we shall write a business plan and with that we shall conquer the world. Or the bank manager. But as of yet, we have always managed to find more int eresting things to write. Back to Brighton. Just off the seafront is a ridiculous Indian Palace buil t by a ridiculous member of the Royal family for entertainment and entertaining. Quite a long time a go. And as a result, the small fishing village of Brighthe lmstone became Brighton and established itself as home to the dirty weekend, the gay capital of Europe, and the pleasure capital of the UK. The Palace is actually spectacular, one of my favourite bui ldings in the world and we are very privileged to have such a remarkable folly in our backyard. The town is clearly divided into areas, Kemptown, Hanov er, town centre, seafront, North Laines and the Lanes. There are other outposts such as Seven Dials, Brunswick, Fiveways, Moulsecoomb and Whitehawk. Some are posh, some are not. Some are architectural eyesores and some are architectural eye s alve. Within these areas, we have a hugely eclectic populati on of people. Eccentric, bohemian, addled, addicted, gangsters, gays, art ists, piss artists and entrepreneurs. And for me, it is the people of Brighton who are most i mportant, most enduring and responsible for the success and cock ups of this schizophrenic town. We are small enough to be walked around, intimate enou gh that we can speak to each other as strangers, tolerant of most things, proud of our achieve ments and even prouder of our failures. At least we tried. Because of the marvellous Brighton population, because Brighton liked Choccywoccydoodah from the start, because Brightonians really enjoy cake, the Mothership will always be here, in Brighton. The Mothership is the beating heart of Choccywoccydoodah, th e brave beginning, the creative energy and the driving force. The Doodahs are the crew of this t iny ship and together we steer ourselves uncertainly to an unknown destiny, sure only of the adven ture, the joy of working together and the chocolate. We shall boldly go to where no chocolatiers ha ve gone before us. But where that is, is anybody's guess. You have now stepped into my world, which as its the o nly place I exist in, makes this a true story. Brighton is actually a very small planet, with a palace, a theatre, some shops, a beach, bars and great people. Good time and bad time people. Happy people and happy for the wrong reasons people. This planet is in a balloon, which is anchored to the south coast of England by a very long piece of string and a very wobbly drawing pin. One day, the drawing pin will loosen, we shall float off and someone, somewhere, maybe in China, or a Brazilian rainforest, will catch the string, understand t he situation and pin us back in temporarily, until the drawing pin loosens again. I believe its happened a hundred times already and wi ll happen a hundred times again. And the utterly, fabulously marvellous thing about that is eve ryone on planet Brighton is oblivious. The balloon is intact and so are we. The long weekenders. The balloonatics. (I should mention that Brighton and Hove were originall y two separate towns. To create a city, the two towns were merged together. But only on paper. Spiritually, there are Brightonians and people from Hove, actually. The Brightonians are generally more disgraceful whereas the people from Hove are generally more genteel. It's not a hard and fast rule, it only applie s to about 99% of each population. ) The Flagship story. I love a bit of romance attached to a tragic tale. And our rather gorgeous Flagship shop in Fouberts Place, o ff Carnaby Street provides exactly that. In the very olden days, when Shakespeare was a London fa ce and the first Elizabeth was trying to persuade everyone she was a modest Queen, our capital cit y was blighted by the plague. Known as the Black Death, it wiped out sizeable chunks of the population and wreaked havoc on London. Because of the vast quantity of dead people, and the a wful risk of infection involved, burials could no longer be a sombre, dignified and singular event. Mass burial pits had to be dug and many thousands of de ad people were laid together with no great ceremony. One of the largest of these mass graves was in today's Soho. Once the Black Death had been consumed by the Great Fire o f London, frightened Londoners returned to resume their city lives, working, trading and of course, shopping. One of the most popular markets was in an area called Ca rnaby(Karnaby), which is now still known as Carnaby Street. The market and surrounding area were built on the mass grave of Black Death victims. The area thrived and a well known local man, Henry Foub ert, opened a school of arms in the area. The school taught privileged children, among other thin gs, how to fence and ride. It then went on to become a riding school and stables . Years came and went, as did the stables, indeed horses at all. But Fouberts Place still remains as a name and is home to our Flagship shop. The building went up in 1900 and was first used as a tobacco factory, which is why the windows are so tall and the window ledges are so wide because the tobacco was dried here before it got rolled into cigarettes. The business was part owned by Ernest Shackleton, intrepid e xplorer and discoverer of the Falkland Islands. (Another story for another time) During the course of its history, the building has since become many things, including a brewery. It seems very apt to me that it is now a chocolaterie. I'm sort of hoping it eventually becomes an incredibly decadent brothel. I have stood in the basement of the building quietl y and alone, a lot. Listening for ghosts, hoping to catch whispers from the past. I even got Keith, a gorgeous Irish man who worked on the building with us when we were struggling to get open, to come and stand with me. Keith believes in ghosts and has kissed the Blarney Ston e so I know if there were whispers, he'd have heard them. Neither of us ever did. Such a shame. The Flagship shop is 5 floors of chocolate and joy, fro m the stockrooms to the office in the roof, with 3 floors of fun, cake and chocolate for our customers and v isitors to explore. Of course, the Secret Room can only be explored if its been booked. Otherwise its not really a secret at all.
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