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Accessoires automobile, Pièces performance et racing en Suisse - Apex Performance
Vente d'accessoires automobile, pièces performance et racing en Suisse. Spécialiste Nissan 350Z, 370Z et GT-R
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Wirbelsäulenzentrum - Bandscheibenoperation - APEX Spine
Zentrum für endoskopische Bandscheibenoperation und Wirbelsäulenchirurgie.
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  • Creation date: 08/4/23
  • Updated time: 17/4/24
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Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association
The Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association (SLGJA) was declared and recognized as the Apex Trade Association representing the gem & jewellery industry of Sri Lanka in the 2003 budget of the Government of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Gem Traders Association which had been constituted under the auspices of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in 1970, was restructured as Company Limited by Guarantee in March 2002 by incorporation under the provisions of The Companies Act No of 1982. In the same year the four leading trade association in the country decided to merge together to form an Apex Organization.
  • Creation date: 08/3/19
  • Updated time: 16/3/1
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APEX | Asian Professional Exchange
The Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan community based organization with multifaceted goals and purposes that are charitable, cultural and educational in nature. Established in 1993, APEX currently boasts an e-community membership of 10,000 members.
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  • Creation date: 95/12/11
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Work Travel, Internships and Work Study : APEX Foundation
International Work Travel, Internships and Work Study. Explore the world and help it pay for itself by working in your destination country. Since 1992
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  • Creation date: 97/9/8
  • Updated time: 17/7/18
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MSME Online Registration For Your New or Existing Business
What is MSME ? The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, a branch of the Government of India, is the apex body for the formulation and administration of rules, regulations and laws relating to micro, small and medium enterprises in India to provide various benefits for the indvidual and...
  • Creation date: 16/2/24
  • Updated time: 17/2/21
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  • Creation date: 09/9/25
  • Updated time: 16/10/1
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Neptune Systems home of the Apex AquaController family of Aquarium Controllers
Neptune Systems has been building the industry\'s best aquarium controllers for the last 17+ years. The Apex AquaController has become the leading aquarium
  • Creation date: 06/5/16
  • Updated time: 17/2/20
  • Valid until: 18/5/16
筋肉増強剤ではない!筋肉を付けるサプリメントガイド | Just another WordPress site
  • Creation date: 16/11/30
  • Updated time: 17/2/6
  • Valid until: 17/11/30
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  • Creation date: 01/5/17
  • Updated time: 16/5/11
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  • Creation date: 09/7/18
  • Updated time: 16/7/12
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Jeff Kemp on Oracle – Oracle Database: Get it Right
Oracle Database: Get it Right
  • Creation date: 10/3/26
  • Updated time: 17/4/4
  • Valid until: 21/3/26
Indian Golf Union | The Indian Golf Union is the apex body of golf in the country and is responsible for the promotion and development of golf in India.
  • Creation date: 10/1/8
  • Updated time: 16/12/9
  • Valid until: 18/1/8
Sri Lanka Exports Development Board | Sri Lanka Business Portal
Welcome to the official website of the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB), the apex state organisation responsible for the promotion & development of exports.
  • Google Plus ID: 104122733803781604840
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  • Creation date: 98/1/5
  • Updated time: 16/12/17
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Market Reports, Research, Analysis and Advice: UK and European Markets
Apex Insight provides market reports, analysis, research and advice covering a variety of business markets in the UK and Europe. We support managers, investors and advisers in their commercial decision-making
  • Google Plus ID: +Apex-insight
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  • Creation date: 11/9/13
  • Updated time: 14/8/15
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Top IT services California | IT company in California
Apex Technology provides top IT services in California. If you are searching for IT company in California then call (800) 310-2739 now.
  • Google Plus ID: +ApexTechnologyManagementIncRedding
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  • Creation date: 97/11/7
  • Updated time: 17/1/11
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Swaraj Abhiyan Official Website
Swaraj AbhiyanPress Note: March 22, 2017Supreme Court summons 10 Chief Secretaries to explain non-implementation on drought orders.The Supreme Court today passed strong orders directing Chief Secretaries of 10 states to appear before the court to explain non-implementation of the Court orders on drought relief. The bench of Justice Madan Lokur and M. V. Ramanna directed the Chief Secretaries to file an affidavit detailing what the state government has done to implement the court orders and appear in person on 26th of April. The court is hearing a contempt petition filed by Swaraj Abhiyan in the case related to state inaction during drought in 2015-16. *Arguing for the petitioner, Prashant Bhushan, also the president of Swaraj Abhiyan, presented facts and figures before the court to show that the historic verdict of the Supreme Court in the Swaraj Abhiyan case has been subverted by the Central and the State governments. The Central government frustrated the court orders to provide subsidised food-grain to all drought affected population by insisting on charging high price to the states. Despite the court orders, only 46% of the MNREGS payment is happening within the stipulated period of 15 days after work. The legal requirement of compensation for delayed payment in MNREGS has been fulfilled in just 3% cases. Not a single state has revised its Mid-Day-Meal menu despite clear directions by the apex court. As many as five states failed to fulfil the court's direction of extending Mid-Day-Meal scheme during the summer vacation of 2016. The states have failed to provide information on distribution of crop loss compensation. The restructuring of crop loans has not taken place as per the Guidelines of the RBI.Describing this as a landmark order, Yogendra Yadav expressed the hope that this ongoing case will result not just in relief to millions of drought affected farmers, but also in setting up of some long-term mechanism for redressal of farmer's sufferings. The Court expressed deep disappointment at the manner in which the governments had avoided their legal responsibility under the National Food Security Act, an act of the parliament. The court also wondered if there was any safeguard for ensuring that the public money spent on MNREGS was reaching the deserving population. After hearing submissions by Central and State governments, the court decided to add RBI as a respondent in the case. The States whose Chief Secretaries have been summoned are Madhya Pradesh , Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bihar, Haryana and Chhattisgarh.The Chief Secretaries are to file affidavits explaining what steps they have taken for implementation of the Court’s order, with regard to setting up of State Food Commissions, District Grievance Redressal Officers and generally implementation of National Food Security Act matters as directed by the court. The court has also asked the Central Govt to file an affidavit within 4 weeks, explaining what steps it has taken with regard to MNREGA scheme, with special emphasis on how the person days are computed between Centre and State and how demand generated is properly catered to.The affidavit to be filed by the Central Govt has to contain and have focus on delay in payment of wages, delay in payment of compensation, reduction in person days and functioning of the Central Employment Guarantee Council and State Employment Guarantee Council. It should also contain all aspects of social audit in terms of the Act and the audit rules of 2011 with special consideration to the report of the Joint Task Force which had been setup by the Ministry of Rural Development  Ministry of Agriculture and Comptroller and Auditor General of India.On oral request of Shri Prashant Bhushan counsel for the petitioners, the court also directed that RBI be impleaded as a party to the case and the court then directed the bank to give data on load waiver, load recovery freeze, load restructuring and all other aspects of relief to farmers with regard to loans. The court also directed the Chief Secretaries of the states to explain if the directions of the court for giving supplemental nutrition through eggs or milk has been carried out in their states and whether mid day meal was served during summer vacation of 2016.Swaraj Abhiyan had filed a case in the Supreme Court in December 2015 alleging indifference of central and state governments to the plight of the drought affected people. The Supreme Court had passed its historic orders in May 2015. Swaraj Abhiyan had filed a Contempt Petition in September 2016.
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  • Creation date: 15/4/12
  • Updated time: 17/2/28
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The Happy Manager | A better way to manage
The Happy Manager, the essential site for all managers who want to be happier in what they do. Happiness is not just good for you, it's good for business!
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  • Creation date: 07/9/19
  • Updated time: 16/9/2
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Ecommerce Consultancy | Full Service Digital Agency | Apex Ecommerce
Apex Ecommerce is a Full Service Ecommerce Consultancy with over 17 Years experience at the forefront of the ecommerce industry.
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  • Updated time: 17/5/8
Hawk-Eye Innovations Official Website
Hawk-Eye is a leading innovator in sports technology. The Hawk-Eye tracking software is used in Cricket, Football & Rugby and has now become an integral part of over 17 sports and every year covers 3,600 games or events across 400+ stadiums in over 50 countries.
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  • Creation date: 01/10/31
  • Updated time: 15/10/1
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Home of the Apex Online Racing League. F1 2016 F1 2017 - Project CARS - iRacing - FIFA 2016 - Any many more!
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  • Google Plus ID: +Apexonlineracingcom
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  • Creation date: 14/1/17
  • Updated time: 17/1/21
  • Valid until: 18/1/17
California Real Estate
Browse homes for sale in the State of California. View Photos, Prices, Tours, Maps & More!
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  • Creation date: 09/9/30
  • Updated time: 16/10/1
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APEX | Airline Passenger Experience Association
The latest from the Airline Passenger Experience Association, sharing aviation and passenger experience news from around the world.
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  • Creation date: 10/4/12
  • Updated time: 12/11/12
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National Planning Commission
The National Planning Commission (NPC) is the apex advisory body of the Government of Nepal for formulating a national vision, periodic plans and policies for development. It is headed by the Right Honorable Prime Minister. The NPC assesses resource needs, identifies sources of funding, and allocates budget for socio-economic development.
    Home Page :: Directorate General of Training (DGT)
    The Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGE&T) in Ministry of Labour is the apex organisation for development and coordination at National level for the programmes relating to vocational training including Women's Vocational Training and Employment Services
    • Creation date: 05/5/20
    • Updated time: 17/4/28
    • Valid until: 19/5/20
    At Apex we speak Ink/Coating transfer. Fluently
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    • Creation date: 05/10/3
    • Updated time: 17/3/4
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    Inside Oracle APEX by Patrick Wolf | Inside Oracle APEX - a blog that helps to get more out of Oracle Application Express (APEX) for your daily development work!
    Welcome to Inside Oracle APEX - a blog that helps to get more out of Oracle Application Express (APEX) for your daily development work.
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    • Creation date: 07/12/31
    • Updated time: 16/11/26
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    logiciels gestion et de chronometrage pour la compétition et le karting de loisirs. - Apex Timing
    Logiciel et matériel de chronométrage et d'affichage pour le karting de loisirs ou la compétition en circuit
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    • Creation date: 10/11/15
    • Updated time: 16/6/28
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    Leg Cricket Federation of India is the apex governing body, affiliated by International Leg Cricket Council and Federation of Asian Leg Cricket, for all leg cricket championship and events in India. Its Head quarter is situated at PoothKhurd, Delhi, India. L.C.F.I. was formed by in 2011 by Sh. Jogender Prasad Verma as the national governing body of leg Cricket sports in India. L.C.F.I. is the supreme authority of Leg Cricket in India. Being the supreme authority it reserve the right to affiliate and cancel the affiliation of its various state associations.It has the right to select players, umpires and official for international Leg Cricket championship. L.C.F.I. has the authority to inspect it state association
    • Creation date: 12/12/22
    • Updated time: 16/11/22
    • Valid until: 17/12/22
    APEX Commercial Furniture | Apex
    Apex is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Commercial Furniture in Australia. Extensive range of in stock Commercial Chairs, Tables, and Bar Stools.
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    Apex Roleplay
    Apex-Roleplay is a non-profit, Semi-Serious Half-Life 2 and Black-Mesa Roleplay community.
    • Creation date: 16/7/21
    • Updated time: 16/8/11
    • Valid until: 17/7/21
    • Creation date: 14/8/4
    • Updated time: 16/8/5
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    Outstanding Bellingham Apartments & Homes
    Rely on Apex Property Management for an incredible collection of premier rental homes, condos, and apartments in the greater Bellingham, Washington region.
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    • Creation date: 04/3/25
    • Updated time: 15/7/1
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    オンラインショップ アペックス(apex)
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    • Creation date: 04/2/29
    • Updated time: 17/2/16
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    Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC)
    Welcome to Aerospace and Aviation Skill Sector Council is the apex body in skill development in the emerging Aerospace and Aviation sector.
    • Google Plus ID: 102513604094897499945
    • Creation date: 16/5/3
    • Updated time: 17/4/20
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    APEX UV Printer, Print Your Color Life!
    APEX is the sub-brand of Microtec Technology Group that develops, manufactures and markets a new high Cost Performance Solution in UV prints industry. As an dynamic brand, APEX is strongly backed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the digital printing industry.
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    • Creation date: 14/2/28
    • Updated time: 17/4/12
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    Apex | Apex-Lean.com
    Juegos y simulaciones lean para trainings y formaciones: 5S, VSM, SMED, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Lean Healthcare and Lean Supply Chain
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    • Creation date: 15/10/21
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    Online Training in USA | UK | CANADA | INDIA | AUSTRALIA | Hyderabad | Bangalore | Dehli | Chennai | PUNE | Kolkata | BEST Online training | top 10 online training institutes | best online training institute for, best training institute for online, best training institute for online in hyderabad, best online training institutes in USA, top online training institutes in USA, training, online training from India, online training in usa, online training from apex, online training from desitrainings, online training in Hyderabad, online training in Banglore, online training by real time trainers, online training by working people, corporate training, distance training, remote training, online training by real time faculty, online training in USA, online training in India, online training in Hyderabad, online training institutes in usa online training in usa, online training usa, online training courses, online training,it training,online it training,java training,computer courses,it training online,it training courses,training courses,online it courses,it courses online,training online,
    APEX ONLINE TRAINING is the leading provider of online training courses. We are expertise in QA, SAS, Websphere Informatica, Cognos, Datastage, SAS BO, SAS ABAP, BASIS, HR, FICO, BO, BI, siebel CRM, OBIEE, Java, Oracle, Testing Tools, Cloud computing, ETL tools, SAS, HANNA, Siebel cRM, OBIEE, Oracle, SQL Server, MS BI, Teradata, Testing tools, Cloud computing, Android, iPhone, iOS, VMWare, DBA, linux, unix, HTML5, QTP, Business Intelligence, Web Methods, WCF, WPF, MVC, Mobile technologies, Load Runner, Datastage, biztalk, asp.net, Microsoft, .NET. C#.NET, VB.NET. We are based at Hyderabad, India. 24/7 Online Lab Facility, Stay current and keep skills sharp, Learn at your own pace, Online Training in US UK CANADA Australia India Singapore
    • Google Plus ID: 113210947812185074236
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    • Creation date: 11/3/1
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    Royal Apex
    • Creation date: 15/4/21
    • Updated time: 15/9/7
    • Valid until: 20/4/21
    Tucson Area Real Estate
    Browse homes for sale in the Tucson area. View Photos, Prices, Tours, Maps & More!
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    • Creation date: 08/2/29
    • Updated time: 17/4/12
    • Valid until: 19/3/1
    Document Translation Services | Apex Translations, Inc.
    Apex Translations provides document translation services in over 120 languages. Visit us today or call 1-800-634-4880 for your translation services needs.
    • Google Plus ID: +Apex-translations
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    • Creation date: 99/10/12
    • Updated time: 14/9/15
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    Welcome! This page is completely about games. Here you will find all the lates news, reviews, download links. Also dont miss our best of's and our online games. Enjoy your stay!
    • Creation date: 15/11/11
    • Updated time: 16/10/31
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    Fairfield County Real Estate
    Browse homes for sale in the Fairfield County area. View Photos, Prices, Tours, Maps & More!
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    • Creation date: 08/3/25
    • Updated time: 17/4/12
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    IEEMA | Your link to electricity
    IEEMA is the apex industry association of 800+ manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in India.
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    • Creation date: 96/12/27
    • Updated time: 15/12/31
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    Bibliocloud | Book metadata, Title management, Publishing Software
    Bibliocloud: publishing management system software for book publishers. Integrated rights, royalties, metadata, schedules, production in the cloud.
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    • Creation date: 11/3/15
    • Updated time: 17/2/14
    • Valid until: 18/3/15
    Apex Magazine | A magazine of science Fiction, fantasy, and horror
    A magazine of science Fiction, fantasy, and horror
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    • Creation date: 08/12/18
    • Updated time: 16/12/15
    • Valid until: 17/12/18
    The best new Online Casino, Mobile Casino and Slots Games
    New online casino and mobile casino with over 300 different casino and slots games. Get over 2,000% in casino welcome bonuses and play at the best new casino.
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    • Creation date: 07/10/3
    • Updated time: 17/2/23
    • Valid until: 18/10/3
    The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry
    The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) is the apex representative organization safeguarding the interest of the private sector in trade and industry in Bangladesh.
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    • Creation date: 01/9/27
    • Updated time: 16/9/26
    • Valid until: 17/9/27
    ボルダリング 東京都内新宿区 新宿駅西口・四谷三丁目【APEXクライミングジム】
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    • Creation date: 12/8/20
    • Updated time: 16/1/3
    • Valid until: 17/8/20
    The story of the hypercar industry. Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Pagani, and Koenigsegg compete to make the best cars in the world, with prices above $1 million dollars. Who will be the fastest?
    • Creation date: 15/1/2
    • Updated time: 15/1/2
    • Valid until: 18/1/2
    Unlock Your Brain's True Potential | National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd.
    • Creation date: 15/9/2
    • Updated time: 17/3/2
    • Valid until: 17/9/2
    Home | APEX Oilfield | APEX Middle East
    Its How the Procurement Should be APEX Products APEX Services APEX News
    • Creation date: 13/4/5
    • Updated time: 17/4/5
    • Valid until: 18/4/5
    Clip The Apex
    Formula One overtaking data, statistics, and analysis from 1981 to present day
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    • Creation date: 08/7/18
    • Updated time: 16/6/18
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    FIEO : Indian Exporter, Indian Export, Indian Exporter Directory
    The Apex export promotion organisation of India. Premier institution for promoting India's international business. The Government of India is partner organisation in the national export effort.
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    • Creation date: 03/4/18
    • Updated time: 14/4/2
    • Valid until: 19/4/18
    Apex Event Management and Exhibition Stands
    Apex - 25 years of successful conference and event organisation and creative exhibition stands that generate more business.
    • Google Plus ID: +ApexCoUkEventandExhibitions
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